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"Where the Police are Led to Your Car!"

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there’s no more effective system than LoJack, the world leader in stolen vehicle recovery.  The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is the only system that works directly with police to recover your stolen vehicle quickly, before serious damage can be done. 

**New Product News**

LoJack Early Warning Recovery System

When your vehicle has been stolen, every second counts in recovering it. Introducing the LoJack Early Warning Recovery System. The system that lets you know if your vehicle has been moved without your permission.

Once installed, you register your system with LoJack and select your contact preferences. Ex. (cell phone, pager, home, job, friends or relatives)

How Does Lo/Jack Compare to GPS?

*GPS products are easily located & disabled by thieves from:

- Destroying the GPS antenna           - Disconnecting the vehicle's battery

- Pulling a fuse                                     - Cutting GPS device wires

*GPS can't determine a vehicle's location if the vehicle is:

- Obscured by tall buildings               - Inside a shipping crate

- Inside a parking garaged                 - Under tree coverage


Quick trip to the mall
The owner of a 1990 Ford Mustang went to the mall with his wife to pick up some last minute items for their upcoming vacation. During the 20 minutes that they were in the mall their Mustang was stolen. They reported the vehicle stolen to the police having no idea that the vehicle was equipped with LoJack; the previous owner had it installed. The theft report of the Mustang automatically activated the hidden LoJack in the vehicle. The couple went on their vacation and while they were away received a call from the police that their vehicle had been recovered. The vehicle had been tracked down to a garage where it was covered with a tarp.

At gunpoint
One night while leaving work the owner of a BMW M3 was approached by a man wearing a mask demanding that he get out of his car. Seeing that the masked man had a gun, the owner gave up the car without hesitation. He quickly called the police knowing that they would get his car back with LoJack. The police tracked the vehicle to a notorious parking lot where stolen cars are often dropped off. The BMW was recovered quickly within an hour and no damage. The owner was happy that he made the decision years earlier to have LoJack installed in his BMW.

Only 170 miles on the odometer
The owner of a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee with 170 miles on the odometer discovered that his new vehicle had been stolen while he was out having dinner. Shocked to find that the vehicle was gone, the owner immediately contacted the police and reported it stolen. The police tracked the vehicle as it was being driven throughout the city. The vehicle was located parked on a quiet residential street. Every vehicle that the owner has since owned has been equipped with LoJack

  The Lojack signal penetrated these containers to lead Police to this "BUST"


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